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Gullringen Local Community Organisation E-mail: biblioteket@gullringen.eu Phone:  +46 (0)492 221 55 About Gullringen Local Community Organisation Gullringen Local Community Organisation is a non-profit, non-political organisation whose aim it is to promote the development and future of the local area and to facilitate increased collaboration between the various organisations’ activity areas and to support local enterprises. We are part of the nation-wide network called “All of Sweden Must Live”, with some 4 000 local development groups. Locally we watch the municipal service in particular and have regular contact with representatives of the municipality through Vimmerby local council. Our board has an active working committee, along with groups and ex-organisations still residing with us. The Local Community Organisation is also close to organisations running different projects seeking our support and cooperation. Among them Södra Vi Fornvänner (“Friends of Ancient Artefacts”) who are majorly based in Gullringen. We are also concerned with objects belonging to the previous Pensioners’ Organisation, such as signs by old cottages and crofts. All residents within Brännebro School’s catchment area are members free of charge and most welcome to help in our work within the Local Community Organisation. Our Gullringen collection is exhibited at the library including photos by the local photo club, videos, research material, the organisation’s older documents, the history of the Ålhult estate, paper clippings and further documentation on which we pride ourselves.