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Gullringen has a short 9 hole golf course The varied and challenging short course offers all golf players an interesting experience. A short course begins where the game is settled, from the drive to the greens. The golf course is beautifully situated in a mixed wood and park environment. The terrain is partly hilly with varying greens. The length of each hole varies between 90m − 180m from yellow tee, and 65m – 122m from red tee. Membership or green card are not required. The golf course has seen many absolute beginners, often in the company of more experienced friends. You are yourself responsible for your visit to the course, just use sound thinking. Even professional players will be challenged here. The inauguration game on our 9-hole course was played by Joakim Haeggman with two strokes below par. Something for you to aim for, perhaps? Pay and play! Contacts Club House Gullringens GK 590 81  Gullringen Phone: +46 (0)492 223 57 Chairman: Thomas Ahlstrand Phone: +46 (0)70 226 02 65 Secretary: Jonas Karlsson Phone: +46 (0)70 582 20 34 Please click here to enter the Gullringen Golf Club website