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The Elim group in Gullringen is here for you
Man is made to have a communion with God and other people. The name Elim is taken from an oasis in the desert which is referred to in The Bible. Welcome to the Elim oasis – in the middle of Gullringen The Elim group is an outpost to Korskyrkan (The Cross Chuch) in Vimmerby, which forms part of Evangeliska Frikyrkan (EFK) which is a free church. We gather on Thursday evenings for prayer and reading of The Bible. We sometimes hold services.There is a Sunday school for children. During summer we direct you to our ecumenical summer church in Kröngården    Map
Gullringen’s  Parish House  with church hall The Swedish Church’
Gullringen’s parish house with church hall was built in 1964. This had great impact on church services and communion life in the village. The bell tower was built ten years later and opened on the 8th of September 1974. You are welcome to participate in our activities. We have of two sewing clubs, one in Södra Vi and one in Gullringen. If you would like to participate or for any queries, please call the registrar’s office, phone +46 (0)492 207 35.